Your Local Dentist, Auburn

With over 50 year in the business, Universal Dental Centre’s current senior dentists have a combined total of over 35 years in dentistry and oral care. Their vast skill and practise in preventative, reparative and cosmetic oral health services culminate in a quality, detailed service. While most people dislike the visit they make to their dentist once in a blue moon, at Universal Dental Care, we go out of our way to ensure your experience with us is both comfortable and convenient.

Aesthetic Dental

We love it when our customers leave satisfied, so we provide various services in oral cosmetics procedures to send you on your way with an optimal dental result.

A New Smile

If you’re worried about the appearance of your smile, whether your teeth are discoloured, misshapen or crooked, porcelain or composite veneers may be the solution for you. Both resurfacing approaches involve attaching a man-made surface to your natural teeth and are generally achievable within one or two individual appointments.

White and Shine

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening is the quickest and most instantly visible teeth whitening treatment on offer at the Universal Dental Centre. Appointments take between 30 and 60 minutes and results are immediate. If you’d rather a more considered, methodical approach, ask about our professional take-home whitening kits.

Orthodontic Care

The common misconception surrounding orthodontic dentistry is that the results are purely cosmetic. The use of braces is, in fact, far more practical in most circumstances. Contributing to your oral health and solving structural issues, braces and retainers are a valid technique for dental patients of all ages. Ensure you’re receiving the oral care and advice you need by visiting your dentist every 6 to 12 months.

Dentistry for Kids

Your children’s baby teeth are just as important as the ones they keep for life, as they provide the structure of your child’s mouth, effecting the way they eat and speak. Dr. Hana Saeed is highly experienced in children’s dentistry and her ability to help worried kids feel at ease in the chair is an asset. Ensure your children grow up with optimal oral health and book your appointment today.

Make contact today

We want to make sure you are totally satisfied with our service before you spend your money. Universal Dental Centre provide a free consultation to new patients so that you can make sure we’re the right dental group for you. Located in Granville, our dental clinic caters to patients from Guildford, Auburn, Chester Hill and Paramatta. Our goal is the make sure you experience a detailed and valuable service without the fuss so you can book your appointment online today!