Make Your Smile Breathtaking With Best Orthodontics Services

There are many different reasons why you may need orthodontics services, including damaged teeth, spacing problems, or bite issues. Our team of dentist at Universal Dental Centre are highly trained in orthodontic services, both conventional and modern. There are many different styles of orthodontics. The method chosen by our orthodontist, for your teeth depends on your individual needs and how simple or complicated they are.

Misaligned Teeth? Invest in Braces at Our Granville Clinic 

Are your teeth misaligned or crooked? It may be time to consider getting braces from our Granville, Parramatta based clinic. Whether you’re interested in orthodontic services for your child, or for yourself, we have treatments that can benefit you. Orthodontic treatments, specifically braces can help to correct misplaced bites, crowding, spacing and misplaced midlines. Braces can also help problems like incorrect jaw positions, overbites and underbites, and disorders of the jaw joints. At Universal Dental Centre, you can be certain that we only use the highest quality European or American orthodontic braces systems, including the Faster self-ligating braces and clear removable aligners.

Orthodontic treatments, such as traditional braces we offer in Parramatta, can help manage or straighten impacted teeth, teeth in the wrong spots, gaps, or crowding issues. In addition, braces can also help correct bite problems such as crossbites, open bites, and underbites.

Alongside traditional braces, we also offer Invisalign in Parramatta, NSW area. Invisalign are clear retainers which work like braces, by straightening misaligned teeth. Invisalign can be removed during mealtimes perfect for those who don’t want to have food restrictions as needed with traditional braces, and they are nearly invisible on the teeth.

The cost of Invisalign treatment is like braces, but that’s where the similarity ends. Invisalign clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible, so you can keep living your life and caring for your teeth throughout treatment.

As well as our orthodontic treatments, we also offer a range of services including children’s dental treatmentscosmetic dentistrywisdom teeth extraction, general dentistry and much more. Let our dentists treat your smile at a competitive cost.

Contact Our Friendly Staff About Your Braces in Granville

At Universal Dental Centre, you’re in capable hands with our team of highly skilled dentists. We believe that your overall oral health is of utmost importance and investing in braces at our Parramatta, NSW clinic is one way of looking after your oral health. If you’re interested in orthodontic treatments, our friendly and multilingual staff of orthodontist will take the time to listen to your questions and concerns and make sure you feel comfortable with the process. Our staff of dentist speaks fluent English, Arabic, Assyrian, Persian (Farsi), Urdu and Hindi, because we believe that it’s important that you feel comfortable in our dental clinic.

Our experienced and friendly team of orthodontists and cosmetic dentists (non-specialists) are committed to helping you achieve a clean, straight, and healthy smile. Universal Dental Centre not only has the highest quality of products and services, but we also offer them at affordable prices.

If you’re interested in getting braces at our Parramatta clinic, please call us on (02) 9637 1084 or (02) 9637 6839, or simply use our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Universal Dental Centre is conveniently located only 5 minutes away from Granville train station, ensuring convenient local service for people living in  Auburn, Chester HillGuildford and the surrounding areas.


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