Wisdom Tooth Removal Specialist in Auburn

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, which often erupt during your early twenties or late teens. Usually, our jaws are too small to accommodate these teeth. Therefore, the eruption of wisdom teeth results in severe discomfort and pain. One of the main reasons for erupting wisdom teeth is impaction, which causes issues for other teeth through infection and cavities. In this case, the impaction helps to avoid tooth decay, further pain, and other dental complications to maintain dental health properly. The best thing about the wisdom teeth removal process is that it a common surgical process, which is performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon. And this process is not at all complicated.

When you need a good wisdom teeth removal service in and around Auburn, we are the ones to help you.

If you don’t remove the wisdom teeth on time, then they can cause different types of issues like:

  1. Decay
  2. Pain
  3. Crowding of teeth
  4. Damage to other teeth
  5. Damage to the jaw
  6. Increased risk of gum disease

At Universal Dental Centre, we have a team of expert and well-trained dentists and oral surgeons, who specialise in wisdom teeth removal in Auburn. They specialise in every technique to offer you the best dental treatment experience by soothing your anxious nerves. With their specialised techniques, they also help you to deal with the most complicated wisdom teeth removal situations.

The process we follow for wisdom teeth removal:

We also offer some advanced procedures for wisdom teeth removal. To do this, we first examine the wisdom teeth of the patients and then decide whether the eruption is important to offer them relief and better health. In case we find that the wisdom teeth cause infection or damage the structure of your teeth, we would remove them safely.

To offer this treatment, we often include sleep dentistry or sedation, especially in those where the process is difficult or painful. In those cases, the extraction job is done when the patient is asleep or sedated.

The next step of wisdom teeth removal in Auburn job is the gum of the patient is sutured after removing the teeth. In this step, we place a bite down on the gauze in the patient’s mouth to controlling bleeding. Besides, we also offer our patients the post-operative kit upon discharge that includes post-operative instructions, medical prescriptions, and follow-up requirements as needed.

After completion of the wisdom teeth removal process, it is recommended that the patients don’t consume any food or beverages for at least six hours. Besides, they need to follow some basic procedures to take care of their teeth and gums after the procedure. And we also recommend the patients a follow-up visit after a week or two of completing the job.

In some cases, patients may face a little discomfort, swelling on the face, and pain on the jaws for several days after the removal process. In those cases, we advise the patients to use common painkillers for getting relief.

What makes us different from other dental clinics?

  • At Universal Dental Centre, we offer a convenient experience for the patients by adding wisdom teeth removal dentists and general dentists within the same practice. So, you can easily start the treatment of your wisdom teeth with a consultation with any of the general dentists of our clinic. Then you can consult with the wisdom teeth removal experts to perform the surgery process.
  • With the help of a team of experts and a transparent treatment process, we aim to offer our patients the best quality care in a comfortable environment to go through the wisdom teeth removal process.


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